Gün: 25 Nisan 2024

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An AI tool just launched that newbies are using to run an AI reputation automation agency called AIReputors. It’s the only tool that…

✔ Lands desperate clients that have unclaimed local profiles & need reputation help
✔ Claims their profiles & stores through the app & AI optimizes them
✔ Generates tons of real positive reviews w/ AI automation in many different ways

This is CRITICAL because local profiles & stores w/out tons of positive reviews don’t rank in Google/AI search & prospects don’t trust them even if they do find them:https://www.actionnow.xyz/aireputors .

A few features include:

[+] Find Unclaimed Local Profile Listings & Clients Needing Reputation Help
[+] Claim Google Business Profiles Through the App & Fully Manage Them
[+] Generate & Auto-publish AI Posts for Any GBP Page
[+] Let AI Reply to Positive Reviews & Alert You to Negative Ones
[+] AI Bot Incentivizes Recent Customers to Post a Review
[+] Auto-Capture Positive Reviews with Customizable Widgets
[+] Run SMS & Email Follow-up Campaigns for Reviews

& so many more AI automation features.

See it in action here before the next price bump:

> > https://www.actionnow.xyz/aireputors

Phil Mertz

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